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Kentucky-Grown Poinsettias & holiday gifts
With a selection of 12,000 Poinsettias in 20 different varieties and unusual colors, you’ll find a Pemberton's Poinsettia to fit any situation or space—single plants, double plants, and triple plants, as well as multi-plant hanging baskets.

Poinsettia beginnings

In July each year, we receive tiny, one-inch cuttings from some of the finest Poinsettia breeders in the U.S.  Then we spend the next several months growing and nurturing them in our own greenhouses to ensure that they are big, beautiful, and in perfect condition at the right time for your holiday decorating. 

Examining the healthy roots on a very young Poinsettia before planting in a larger pot to continue growing at Pemberton's Greenhouses, Lexington, KY

Stella, examining the root development of our tiny Poinsettia cuttings in July

Ashley Pemberton Herndon, co-owner, in one of several greenhouses willed with Poinsettias. Lexington, KY

You can purchase individual poinsettias, large quantities, and even raise money for your school or charity by holding a Poinsettia fundraiser (scroll all the way down to see the fundraiser button).


The most popular varieties are shown below.


Pemberton’s has grown Poinsettias and spread holiday cheer for more than 40 years.

This year we will grow more than 12,000 poinsettias; most will decorate churches in Central Kentucky. Please have your church contact us for special wholesale pricing and see the church button, below: 859-254-6552 

Ashley Pemberton Herndon

Our most popular varieties include: 
CARE TIP: Poinsettias are easily damaged by cold temperatures, so if you are transporting Poinsettias when the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees, make sure they are riding in a heated vehicle.
Also available (scroll down): garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, Amaryllis, Paperwhites, Christmas cactus and more  
pink poinsettia white tree_edited.jpg
Variegated pink Poinsettia at Pemberton's Greenhouses, Lexington, KY
Prices &
Pot Sizes

2023 Retail

3" (1 plant) $4

4" (1 plant) $7.25*

6/6.5" (1 plants) $12.50**

7" (2 plants) $22.50

8" (3 plants) $32.50

10" (4-5 plants) $54

10" HB (9 plants) $52

10" tree $70

14" (7 plants) $90


* all available varieties $7.25 except 4" Princettia $8

** all available varieties $12.50 except 6.5" Princettia $15; and 6.5" Winter Rose $16

Now take

50% off!

We grow smaller quantities of some of the specialty Poinsettia varieties, and not all varieties are available in all sizes, so please place your order early.

25% OFF of most items on the price list

Other Christmas & holiday favorites include:
Contact us to place your order:
Mack with Ice Crystals Poinsettia_edited.jpg

Are Poinsettias toxic to people and animals? 

Here are links to informative articles to set your mind at ease and tell you more about poinsettias in general:  

Flora cat and pink poinsettias cropped_e
Beautiful pink Poinsettias at Pemberton's Greenhouses in Lexington, KY
Thank you!
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