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How to Rehome Your Plants

Sometimes our customers relocate or run out of space and want to find homes for their house plants.
We have suggestions!
Image by Erol Ahmed

You've taken good care of your plants, but now you've decided that it's time to part ways.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take them*, but there are some very easy (and in some cases, wonderful ) ways for you to place them in good homes where they will continue to be appreciated, needed, and even

do some good.

Before you share your plant with anyone, make sure it is very healthy, free of any pests or diseases (this is crucial ), and clean (remove dust and dead leaves, etc). Have good pictures of it to show prospective buyers/new owners. Try to be realistic about its value.

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  • Sell your plant(s) on Facebook Marketplace or Craig's List

  • Give them to a nursing home or hospital for their lobby

  • Give them to your house of worship for their foyer or office

  • Sell or swap them through one of the local social media houseplant groups

  • Give them to a school or library

  • Give or sell them through your neighborhood group chat

  • Offer them to a charity to sell (most charities would rather have you sell them and donate the money, but some may take them to decorate their offices or to auction)

  • Give them to a person who is housebound, to brighten their home

  • Post them for sale/giving on your own social media outlets or website

If you sell a beloved plant, consider giving the money to your favorite charity (this is our best idea to make the parting less painful and allow your plant to do some good!)

Best wishes and thanks for being a plant lover! 

* We cannot accept plants for resale (or even donation), except from licensed growers. 

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