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Bright red geraniums in handsome white planters at Pemberton's Greenhouses
Homegrown Geraniums

Central Kentucky's largest selection of geranium varieties! 

In 2023, we grew more than
12,000 Geraniums in 51 varieties

Our famous Geraniums will be back again in 2024!

Until then, enjoy our Geraniums preview video; just click the pink play button.

If you will need large quantities and/or specific varieties for Spring, 2024, please feel free to pre-order at any time. 

Overwintering your geraniums 

At the end of the season, you can bring your geraniums indoors to enjoy their beauty all winter. Click the button below to go to our Plant Care page and you'll see a pdf for transitioning your plants indoors for the winter.  Just make sure your geraniums get plenty of sun, either in or near a bright window, continue to fertilize, and they should keep blooming for you all winter.

Betsy tending red Geranium hanging baskets at Pemberton's Greenhouses

Another option for geraniums is to move them to a cool, dry place for the winter (a basement window or climate-controlled garage window can work well), then cut them way back, decrease water substantially, and allow them to slow way down until Spring. When the daylight hours start getting longer, you can fertilize, increase watering, and eventually begin transitioning them back outdoors.

Luscious orange Geraniums at Pemberton's Greenhouses

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