About Us

Retail and Wholesale Garden Center

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Our Team

Pemberton's has been a family owned and operated 
local business since 1871
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Left to right, Jeff Pemberton Schmidt, Ashley Pemberton Herndon (co-owner), Mack Herndon, and Janna Pemberton Schmidt (co-owner).  Not pictured: Colin Pemberton (co-owner). Photo by Emily Giancarlo for Smiley Pete Publishing

What We Do

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Photo by Emily Giancarlo for Smiley Pete Publishing

seasonal and bedding plants are grown on the premises

About half are sold wholesale to landscapers and churches, and the other half are retail sales for homeowners, farms and other properties. Some of the tropical plants are grown from plugs; others come from Canada and Florida. 


deliver throughout Central Kentucky and “up to Cincinnati, over to Louisville and down to London,” Schmidt said, adding that 75 percent of their customers are in Lexington and surrounding counties, with the rest falling within that 80-or-so-mile radius.

Growing plants all 4 seasons of the year

renting plants for weddings, funerals and other events, and creating unique centerpieces consisting of succulents or ivy instead of cut flowers. Container gardens are another Pemberton’s specialty, with Herndon serving as the in-house container-garden expert.