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Very lush indoor plantscape with floor plants and hanging baskets including Pothos, Dracaena, Ficus, Corn plants, Arboricola, Bird of Paradise, and assorted palm trees, with small water fountain at Pemberton's Greenh;ouses in Lexington, Ky

Plantscaping Service

Creating gorgeous interiors for your home or business 
Our plant experts will be happy to work with you, your architect, or your interior designer to curate a beautiful, biophilic plantscape
(think of a "plantscape" as an indoor landscape).

We can include our large, tropical trees like ficus, palms, bird-of-paradiseand olives, medium-sized floor plants, planters, statues, blooming plants, and more.

Whether you only need one, well-placed, show-stopping plant in a sleek planter, or an entire indoor jungle, we will assemble the best plants to complement your space.


Simple or elaborate, minimalist or maximalist, traditional or trendy, we can enhance any room in your home or office, professional lobby, retail space, restaurant, or any other area, by utilizing our luxurious, living plants.

An assortment of Sansevieira "Snake Plants) at Pemberton's Greenhouses
A stunning houseplant, Calathea Rattlesnake, at Pemberton's Greenhouses

When we curate a plant collection for you, we consider the plants' light requirements, growth rates, and maintenance levels, to make it easy for you or your staff to keep your new plants healthy and provide ongoing care for them.

(As an option, we can recommend very good, professional plant care services in central Kentucky, which can provide all of the upkeep for you.)

We always have beautiful plants in stock, but we can also special order plants, planters, and statues to meet a specific design aesthetic.


We'll make the whole process very easy, including repotting your plants in new planters, delivering, and placing your plants in their new setting. You can be involved as much - or as little - as you wish. 

All we need to get started is a rough layout or photos of the area that you would like to plantscape. Just bring them with you when you stop in to see us.

For a nominal fee, we also offer on-site consultation.

A stunning Janet Craig Limelight Dracaena in front of mixed foliage plants including palm trees and Croton at Pemberton's Greenhouses, Lexington, KY www.Pemberton'
Together, we will create a lovely, peaceful or exciting, living or working environment for your family, employees, and customers. 
Mixed foliage and colorful crotons on display at Pemberton's Greenhouses, Lexington, KY

Scroll through a few of our plants and combinations and click to see a larger view

Please stop in anytime or contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more
A combination of colorful houseplants: a variegated Arboricola and a Red Sisters Ti plant at Pemberton's Greenhouses, Lexington, KY
Thank you!
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