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Create a legacy of loveliness with our native trees

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We can make it easy for you to begin to create a beautiful, environmentally responsible, backyard paradise that will be enjoyed by yourself and subsequent generations of people and wildlife for many years to come.   

Beauty & Benefits:
Kentucky native trees are unmatched in their value to pollinators, songbirds, and other wildlife, while enhancing your curb appeal and elevating your property value
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Kentucky native trees & shrubs all have naturally
built-in benefits; the ones that we select are each "solid citizens" -- even in the tiniest backyard:
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beauty | budget friendly | create a healthy living environment | control erosion and  prevent flooding | support pollinators | hardier and more adaptable to weather and climate fluctuations | support biodiversity | mitigate air pollution | deep roots save on watering | support songbirds | shade lowers utility bills in summer | never require pesticides | restore lost habitat | low-maintenance | create wildlife habitat | healthier and stronger 

Locally grown to produce naturally adaptable trees with great roots-- our starter-sized Kentucky native trees & shrubs are small but mighty!

These trees and shrubs start small, but tend to establish and begin growing quickly, without the lag time that larger plants often experience from transplant shock.

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Our starter-sized (1-2 gal pots), budget friendly, native trees and shrubs can be the anchors, or the "bones" of a natural landscape, even in a very small yard. Then, you can fill in with native flowers

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Also see our


If you prefer to begin with larger trees and shrubs, we also carry quite a few non-native, blooming shrubs (azaleas, hydrangeas, lilacs, etc) and we can usually acquire larger, primarily non-native trees, so please feel free to tell us what you need, and we'll be happy to check with our growers.

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