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Black cat ZZ Pemberton in the arms of a Pemberton's Greenhouses team member

Betsy holding ZZ

Cats & Pemberton's

As long as Pemberton's has been in business, cats have been part of the family, so we thought you might like to put names with the furry faces of our feline sales associates when you're shopping with us. 

Meet most of our feline family members
All rescued, all spayed or neutered, all well-fed, and all loved

Click on their photos to learn more about each

etc, etc, etc.

(A few additional strays & ferals occasionally drop-in for snacks)

We carry plenty of cat-friendly plants,
including cat favorites (like catnip, cat grass, and several varieties
of catmint) for your cats, and cute cat statues for your garden
Pretty tabby Marigold Pemberton, cat napping at Pemberton's Greenhouses


We are proud supporters of the
Lexington Humane Society
and the
Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue
as well as several other local animal charities
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