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Rent Our Plants

Our tropical rental plants will add beauty and style to any event or venue

Pemberton's rents non-flowering plants for all of your event needs--weddings, corporate events, horse shows, parties, open houses, and more.


We have impressive ficus trees and palm trees up to ten feet tall, that add height, life and beauty to any space.


On the medium side, we have ferns, arboracola, peace lilies, crotons, and more that are perfect for adding a touch of green, hiding table legs, decorating a podium, or defining the edge of a stage.

We also have plants that are small enough to be used for centerpieces (and we can help with design!) that you can rent, or flowering plants like orchids, mums, and other seasonal flowers that can be purchased.


Additionally, we can supply baskets, pot covers, clay pots and saucers, and even plant stands and fountains.

To make things really easy for you, one of our most appreciated services is delivery to and from your venue.


Please see our rental prices and more information via the button, below.

photo of palms that can be rented in several sizes
photo of ficus trees for rent in varying sizes
moss covered topiary horses in varying sizes
photo of hanging Boston ferns available for rent
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Blooming plants for sale

lighted planter.jpg

Lighted planters for rent

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