For the 2022-2023 storage year, we are not accepting new storage customers or new plants from current customers due to our limited space and the strong demand for this service. Also, please note that storage rates have gone up.

Pemberton's Greenhouses will store your plants during the winter in a temperature-controlled greenhouse. We'll pick up the plant from your home, give it a seasonal trim, treat it for insects, repot or upsize if needed (fees apply), and fertilize regularly for the winter months. Then in the spring when you're ready, we'll deliver and place it at your home.


Storage rates are now $5.00 per square foot per month. Plants are measured at the widest point.


For example:

One tree measuring 4 feet by 4 feet and stored for eight months

4 feet X 4 feet= 16 square feet

16 square feet X $5.00= $80 per month

$80 X 6 months= $480

Pick-up and delivery fees also apply and are based on location and moving difficulty.

Plants are measured at the widest point.
aerial photo demonstrating the proper way to measure the square footage of an indoor plant

moving large or fragile pots but accidents can and do happen. Broken pots are handled on a case by case basis. Sometimes they can be replaced or repaired, sometimes they can't.

You do not need to be present for us to pick up or deliver your plant if you give us clear instructions beforehand. If you want to be present, we are happy to schedule with you and call you prior to our arrival. Pick-ups are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you decide to keep your plants at home for the winter instead of storing with us, we have some very helpful tips for successfully transitioning your plants from outdoors to indoors and keeping them healthy through the winter. Just click on the button below.

If you have any questions, please call us at 859-254-6552.

What you need to know

Not all plants are worth storing. A plant is generally stored for very specific reasons such as allowing it to grow to a size larger than can be easily purchased or that it has sentimental value. Sometimes, new plants can be purchased for less than old ones can be stored. Carefully evaluate the tradeoffs. We're happy to help estimate your storage costs.

We do not guarantee your plant's survival. While we pride ourselves in giving your plants outstanding care, you store your plants at your own risk. Too many variables affect them before they are in our care from diseases caught while outside that then manifest themselves during the winter months, to insects, frost, neglect, poor soil, and acts of God like ice storms that damage our greenhouses, power outages, and tornados, etc. Damaged and dying plants will be noted when they arrive (sometimes a plant doing poorly will thrive in the greenhouse!). In the event something happens to your plant while in our facilities, we will not charge storage fees. We will also make a reasonable attempt to replace the plant at wholesale cost, if possible. Some plants, however, are not replaceable and some situations do not warrant replacement.

If your plant is in a large, heavy, delicate, rare, or expensive pot, we strongly recommend removing the plant from that pot, if possible, and storing it in a plastic nursery can or creating a removeable insert. We can assist in this process. We are very experienced in