Pemberton's offers this fundraising opportunity:

  • Holiday Poinsettia Fundraiser

    • November/December

    • Poinsettias in a wide variety of colors

    • Assorted Christmas greens

    • Includes delivery in Lexington​


Order Forms (Password required.)

​​Qualifying organizations can purchase products at our published wholesale prices. Your organization can then establish your own resale prices. We're happy to give example market prices to help make those decisions easy.

photo of red, pink, and white poinsettias
photo of deep purple petunias


Schedule delivery or pick-up as soon as possible. Delivery is free in Lexington. Contact Pemberton's for delivery prices outside of Lexington.

Five or six weeks prior to your delivery, sell your products for about three weeks. We offer order forms that you can personalize for your organization (a password is required--just call).

Two weeks prior to delivery, provide us with a single summary order.

At delivery or pick-up, we'll help count the order to ensure the colors, quantities, and varieties. Make sure you have enough help to sort orders and be sure to schedule pick-up for your own customers several hours later--if not longer--to allow enough time to sort.